A hidden gem that many tourists and even Brighton residents did not know about has had a makeover.

The walkway which connects the Lower Promenade on the east beach to Brighton central beach’s lower promenade goes underneath Brighton Palace Pier, providing a new perspective.

But, because it does not appear on streetview maps and is hidden beneath the pier, many visitors and residents do not know about it.

Lee Robertson, an amateur photographer who spotted it recently, said he "genuinely did not know it was there". 

The walkway was painted rainbow when Kemp Town resident and local campaigner Derek Wright worked with Eastern Lower Promenade businesses to try and make the area more accessible.

Derek worked with staff at the seafront office, the Sealife Centre and councillors of both wards that the passageway connects to suggest that if the walkway was made more attractive, more people would use it.

Derek said: “This walkway helps to alleviate the problems that wheelchair users and families with pushchairs have when they come down the ramps, of both sides and they have no way of exiting apart from going back up the ramp they came down.

“The traders from the Eastern Lower Promenade, notably Sarah and Bogdan from Sarah and Topsy and Eva from Oh So Swedish helped me to spray paint all the uprights in various colours.”

The concrete floor and lightning still need attention, Derek said.

“When funds are allocated we will look at installing vinyl shapes to the floor and to improving the lighting and add signage.

“Sarah and Bogan are going to design and install a Rainbow Walk sign to go over the eastern entrance.”

Owners of the Palace Pier are interested in putting up history panels about the pier along the walk, while the seafront office is set to install a low wall to prevent pebbles from coming onto the footpath from the beach.

The Argus: The rainbow walk while it was being paintedThe rainbow walk while it was being painted (Image: Derek Wright)

Derek added: “It is a great tourist and artist quarter that just needed a bit of TLC.

“I’m especially grateful to all the businesses who came on board including Alison from See Gallery who is designing a panel commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Chain Pier for above the Colonnade on Madeira Drive.”