A popular cosmetics store is setting its sights on hair with plans for a new salon in the city.

Lush Cosmetics, best known for its bath bombs and spa treatments, will open a new salon in Trafalgar Street, Brighton, this autumn.

Set to cater for all hair types, the new salon is planning to reduce waste in the hairdressing process and feature a unique “spa for your head”.

The Lush Hair Lab will “embrace a holistic approach to hairdressing and barbering”, welcoming clients with all hair types.

The Argus: Lush Hair Lab will cater to all hair typesLush Hair Lab will cater to all hair types (Image: Lush Hair)

The salon will also feature a botanical washroom where clients are bathed in light and sound, with hair and scalp treated with the choice of hard or soft water, using Lush’s award-winning hair care products and herbal infusions.

A spokeswoman for Lush Hair Lab said: “We are determined to revolutionise the hair industry, using natural hair colouring and reducing salon waste.”

She added that rubbish produced by the hairdressing sector in the UK could fill 50 football stadiums every year.

Most of it - including aluminium foil, dye tubes and the majority of cut hair - is sent straight to landfill - even though foil can be recycled an infinite number of times.

Hair cuttings are also usually thrown in the bin, despite the fact that these can be used to soak up oil from the ocean floor and help fertilise food crops.

The Argus: The salon promises a 'spa for the head' experienceThe salon promises a 'spa for the head' experience (Image: Lush Hair)

Washing, cutting and styling are further complimented by Lush’s henna hair dye - a natural hair colouring choice.

To fit with Lush’s "all are welcome, always" philosophy, the Hair Lab will offer no-mirror and silent treatments, quiet hours with reduced music and lighting and events for people of all genders, such as trans masculine shaving workshops.

The Argus: The salon is taking the place of Glitch which was also a hair salonThe salon is taking the place of Glitch which was also a hair salon (Image: Lush Hair)

Daisy Evans, Lush Hair Lead, said: “We’re looking forward to welcoming everyone to the Lush Hair Lab to witness the future of hair services - where self-expression and excellence combine to redefine your hair journey, leading by example in the hair industry.”

Prices vary, but Lush Hair Lab cuts will start at £70. Styling begins at £55 and henna dyeing starts at £80.

The Lush head spa prices begin at £70.