Three outdoor cricket nets have popped up on Brighton seafront as part of the new virtual reality cricket experience at the i360.

Sixes, which opened last month, sees cricketers taking to the nets while trying to hit cricket balls fired from a machine.

Now, the company has added three extra nets on Brighton’s promenade as it continues to grow this summer.

Calum Mackinnon, co-founder of Sixes, said: “When Brighton presented us the opportunity to open, we wanted to make it different from our other sites.

“We’re very excited to launch the first of our outdoor nets here and now our customers can enjoy the cricket and the incredible sea views at the same time.

“We want to capitalise on what’s been an incredible year in the cricketing calendar and with a World Cup still to come, we hope to see more people coming down and enjoying their cricket here at Sixes.”

The Argus: Inside the cricket netsInside the cricket nets (Image: Sixes)

The experience involves batters taking to the nets with a virtual reality screen where soft cricket balls are bowled at varying speeds.

Cricketers then aim to hit the balls at different scoring points around the net.

Sixes is part of a business backed by a number of England cricketers including Sussex bowler Jofra Archer.

The business is one of the newest additions to the complex at the Brighton i360 after taking over the previous restaurant.


Sixes also serves a range of food and drink including a bar at the centre of the venue.

Chair of Brighton i360, Julia Barfield, said: "Our goal for Brighton i360 is to establish a cutting-edge beachfront hub of amusement in the 21st century, akin to a contemporary West Pier.

“The inclusion of Sixes will provide our guests with a thrilling assortment of world-class attractions and entertainment. Social entertainment game bars are enjoying tremendous popularity at present, and Sixes Social Cricket is an outstanding addition to the Brighton i360 location.

It will captivate our existing visitors while also attracting new audiences.”

The Brighton location is the most recent Sixes to open after national success in London, Manchester and Birmingham.

Sixes, including the three weatherproofed outdoor nets, is now open on Brighton seafront.