A possible track defect means there are no direct trains running between Lewes and Seaford this evening.

There are severe delays tonight as the potential fault on the line near Southease, south of Lewes, has halted services.

Trains are still able to run both ways between Lewes and Brighton but there are no onward services from the city to Seaford.

Southern confirmed at roughly 5.30pm that disruption would last until about 7pm.

But it is causing chaos for commuters, with one person telling The Argus: “This has ruined my journey home tonight, I’m going to be here for ages.

“And the heat really isn’t helping things either.”

A few dozen people are gathering at Brighton railway Station awaiting alternative transport towards Seaford.

A statement from Southern said: “We have received information of a possible track defect in the Southease area.

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“The nature of the defect means that the route is closed until it can be inspected by specialist Network Rail staff.

“We are waiting for updates from them and we're sorry for the disruption caused to your journey.”

It is understood there is ticket acceptance on Brighton and Hove Buses to Seaford.