Quick-thinking supermarket staff saved a man's life after he whispered "help me" before falling unconscious.

Checkout worker Josie Ogbedie dropped everything and raised the alarm when a shopper at a self-service till left without his shopping, shivering and shaking.

She was working at the tills when the 70-year-old was scanning his shopping, but his health quickly took a turn for the worse.

The Argus:

Josie said: "It was very busy that day and the next thing I knew he was walking past me and whispering 'Help me' before he left the store without his shopping.

"I followed him out and saw that he was shivering and shaking and did not look right at all, but he got into his car – I think he just wanted to go home."

She insisted that he stayed there while he became increasingly short of breath.

"I stood in front of his car and said 'No, no, no' to him. He wasn't going anywhere in that state," said Josie.

The Argus: Lancing AsdaLancing Asda (Image: Google)

She phoned an ambulance and called upon her colleagues Tania Anderson, Ryan Seaman and Matt Lane to help him out of the car and onto a blanket.

Shortly after, he stopped breathing.

A woman from a nearby business rushed over having seen the commotion and started to carry out chest compressions on the man.

Josie added: "She was brilliant. She kept doing CPR until the ambulance crew arrived, which was only a few minutes, and they took over and managed to revive him."

"I was crying and praying. I didn't want to lose him. It was such a relief when he started to breathe again. I was jumping for joy.

"I was just so happy that I was able to help. I just did what had to be done. The gentleman was asthmatic, but didn't have a full inhaler with him."

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The man made a recovery and his family came into the store some days after the incident to thank everyone involved.

Josie and her team were praised by store manager Stephen Cracknell for their calmness and professionalism.

He said: "The paramedic at the scene complimented the intervention of the colleagues and the member of the public who rushed to his aid and specifically praised the quick- thinking of Josie who noticed his plight initially and might well have saved his life.

"She knew there was something not right and she acted on it and raised the alarm.

"Josie has a heart of gold and she always has people's best interests at heart. We are so proud of her and the team."