A shirtless man was stopped by police after he was caught riding an electric scooter on a motorway.

Disqualified from driving a car and wanted by police, officers followed the man as he turned off at junction 11 on the M23 at Pease Pottage on Monday (September 4).

The man, who was clocked doing 28 miles an hour on the scooter, was arrested and given a 15-month extension on his driving ban.

A spokesman for Sussex Road Police said: “Riding an electric scooter on the M23 is not the brightest idea.

The Argus: The man rode the scooter down the M23The man rode the scooter down the M23 (Image: Sussex Police)

“This chap turned out to already be disqualified from driving. He was also wanted.

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“After staying with us overnight he received a further 15 months disqualification at court this morning. Scooter seized.”

Electric scooters are classed as motor vehicles meaning they require insurance and tax, though it is not currently possible to insure them, meaning it is currently illegal to ride private electric scooters on public roads.

It is, however, legal to use an electric scooter on private land with the permission of the land owner.