It took over a year to fix some potholes in East Sussex, according to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request.

Using data from an FOI submitted by the Liberal Democrats, the RAC ranked the areas in the UK most affected by potholes, as well as the time it took to fix them.

West Sussex was the seventh  worst affected area in the UK with 21,785 potholes, while East Sussex came tenth with 13,081.


In total, the 81 councils who responded to the FOI reported 556,658 potholes in the financial year 2021/22, up from 519,968 in 2017/18.

When it came to fixing them, West Sussex was the eighth worst area in the UK for the average time to fix a pothole at 29.66 days.

The longest average time it took to fix individual potholes in East Sussex was 463 days while in West Sussex it was 273.48 days.