A documentary following the city’s biggest non-league football team premieres in a theatre tonight.

Hawks – Anti-Idiots tells the story of Whitehawk FC’s loyal fans last season as the club battles for promotion to the Isthmian Premier League, which they secured in a thrilling playoff final.

The club is also unique in its steadfast mission to confront, sexism, racism, homophobia and bigotry in all its forms, as reflected in their slogans, “football for all” and “pro-football, anti idiots”.

Filmmaker Hossam Sarhan, who made the documentary, says it is a “powerful exploration of the intersection between sports and social justice”.

“The film follows a group of football fans who use their passion for the game to advocate for human rights and support refugees.

“Hawks – Anti Idiots showcases the transformative impact that sports can have on individuals and communities alike.”

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Whitehawk FC chairman Kevin Miller said when Hossam approached the club, he thought it was an excellent opportunity to highlight the passion of the fans.

“By the last day of shooting, Hossam and his film crew had fallen in love with the club and the fans and this partnership has been an absolute honour and pleasure,” he said.

Hawks – Anti Idiots will be shown at the Wagner Theatre, Brighton, at 6.30pm today (September 16). Tickets are available at filmfreeway.com/BrightonRocks/tickets