A business which is cutting down a hedge over fear of legal action has offered “reasonable proposals” to save it.

Twenty One Dental in Pembroke Gardens, Hove, has been in a row with Brighton and Hove City Council for months over its “beautiful” hedge which some people have complained about, saying it is overgrown.

The private dental clinic suggested that it continue trimming the hedge and said cutting it back completely will kill it.

It also demanded the pavement near the hedge be repaired and the weeds removed to provide more space for pedestrians.

The Argus: The pavement on the Church Road side The pavement on the Church Road side (Image: Supplied)

Pedestrians, including a partially-sighted person, complained about the hedge, which is at least 20 years old, prompting council officers to say they would be “unable to allow the situation to continue for ever”.

The council said the uneven pavement near the hedge is considered "safe".

Director of Twenty One Dental Mark Rayner said: “The thing is I feel we have looked at it very objectively. We accept it is overgrown but what we did not want to do is cut the hedge down.

The Argus: The Pembroke Gardens side of the pavementThe Pembroke Gardens side of the pavement (Image: Supplied)

“They are saying they have not asked me to remove it, they have asked to cut it back. We say if we cut it, it will die. We said if we trim it, it will be OK.

“Many people have been supporting us but we want them to address the council with their support.

“Some people who have spoken to me are even disabled and they did not have any issue. We pay horrendously high business rates but what can I do if the council say the pavement does not need fixing?

“What resolution do they want, it is either cut down or trim it? A small minority who want it cut, which I respect, would also criticise us if we cut it completely.”

The Argus: Twenty One Dental claimed it consulted with tree surgeons who said that heavily pruning the hedge will kill it.Twenty One Dental claimed it consulted with tree surgeons who said that heavily pruning the hedge will kill it. (Image: Supplied)

Councillor Trevor Muten, chairman of the council’s transport and sustainability committee, said: “The overgrown hedge has been the subject of several complaints, including from a partially sighted resident.

"We have a duty to protect pedestrians and will work with the owner to find a suitable solution which improves access.

“Our highway team have inspected the area and found the pavement to be safe so no pavement repairs are required.

“We’ve established a traffic light system to identify areas where weeds are more likely to cause obstructions or trip hazards and we’ve got a mobile crew visiting the Pembroke area every Monday.”