It seemed the young crowd would rather be enjoying the warm evening on the beach than in the Concorde when Brighton-based Coin Op executed their set with try-hard Skins-esque pomp.

Yet the mood lifted to celebrate the summer when Europop arrived in the form of Australian electro-indie newcomers Cut Copy.

Replacing the front of Coin Op with real, bouncy, hand-clapping enthusiasm, the synth masters embraced their camp appeal with musical substance.

The threesome backed up their catchy pop tunes and glittering lyrics with looping melody play and striking harmonies, as well as the use of an impressive range of instrumental effects.

It wasn't all smoke and mirrors, however, as the band displayed their more straightforward skills in intricate guitar work and resonating vocal strength.

Perfect for the summer, Cut Copy have brought what the Pet Shop Boys did for the 1980s right up to date.