Mothers gathered outside a railway station to protest against climate change and fossil fuel use.

Members of Mothers Rebellion were at Brighton Station on Saturday as part of a week of action in more than 25 countries.

The group aims to “protect the lives of our children” through peaceful protest calling for an end to fossil fuel investment.

Across the UK, mothers gathered in London, Leeds, Bristol and Exeter among other places

Clinicial psychologist Dr Adele Greaves was one of the mothers outside Brighton Station.

She said: “We sat silently in a circle facing outwards to say to the UK and world governments that we will not look away as they continue to recklessly destroy our home, our planet Earth, by continuing to invest in damaging and polluting fossil fuels.

“Passersby responded positively and with interest, recognising the vital role mothers and caregivers play in protecting the wellbeing of the next generations.

“We know that we are facing a climate emergency and that those least responsible, our children and their descendants, will be the most impacted. We know that this emergency is real and happening now, after a summer of record heatwaves, forest fires and flooding.”

Mothers Rebellion Brighton had its first peaceful sit down protest at Black Rock on Brighton seafront in May which was also part of a global day of action.