A man who threw himself off a 90ft cliff only to "bounce" and survive has spoken of his amazing ordeal.

Jude Redmond, 39, drank a bottle of wine and watched the sunset before jumping from a clifftop at Rottingdean, Brighton.

He woke up about two months later in hospital after suffering serious injuries in the fall.

Jude nearly died twice while in hospital and consultants described him as "lottery-win lucky" not to have suffered brain damage.

Now, a year after he was released from hospital, the writer has penned a book about the experience entitled Bounce - An Unreliable Memoir Of A Journey To Death And Back.

Jude, of Dorset Gardens, Kemp Town, Brighton, said: "It all stemmed from years of family problems.

"I truly believed the world would be better off without me. I sat on the cliff and I felt very calm."

Jude had left a suicide note at his parents' house in Queen's Park, Brighton, which was found earlier than he intended.

He heard sirens from behind him, got up and dived headfirst over the clifftop.

He said: "All I remember after that is waking up in hospital two months later and not being very happy that I was still alive.

"I had to learn to walk again and will be on crutches for the rest of my life as one of my legs is now two inches shorter than the other.

"But by rights I should be brain damaged or a paraplegic, so I feel lucky more than anything.

"I found writing the book incredibly cathartic. My outlook on life has changed so much. I've been given a second chance.

"I concentrate on my wonderful friends and I love life now."

Once the book had been written Jude, who has previously worked in journalism and advertising, set about the task of finding a publisher.

He came up with the idea to sell 200 shares in the book at £15 each to pay for a first print run and generate interest.

He added: "I wanted to release the book a bit like an indie band would release a limited edition single.

"It became clear that a print run of 1,000 copies would cost about £3,000, so I came up with the shares idea.

"It's really taken off and I've got about half the investment I need already.

"There will be a large number of investors and each will own their part of the book and the ownership will continue after all the original print run is sold.

"Each investor will then have the incentive to make the book as successful as possible and promote it. I think it's a good idea."

For more information and to order your copy visit www.juderedmond.co.uk or email julian@thekemptownrag.co.uk.