I am a surveyor and I have to make frequent journeys around the city with a portable ladder and numerous other pieces of surveying equipment.

I recently bought a parking meter ticket and in my hurry must have made the mistake of placing it on the dashboard of my car where it slipped down behind the windscreen.

I was issued with a penalty charge notice. I wrote to Brighton and Hove City Council enclosing the valid meter voucher in the hope that common sense would prevail. I received a standard letter which basically said pay up or we'll increase the fine. It didn't seem to matter that I had provided evidence that it was clearly not my intention to flout the parking restrictions.

From reading other letters in The Argus it is clear that my experience is not an isolated one. People are frustrated with other issues such as residents' visitor permits increasing in price by 100% in April. There was a time when the council seemed to be an authority which placed a high priority on providing a good public service. It would appear that it is now becoming synonymous with fleecing its hapless but generally law-abiding citizens by the rigorous and inflexible enforcement of numerous petty regulations.

I would be grateful if any future prospective councillors who agree with the views expressed in this letter make themselves known.

They would get my vote and those of many of the similarly disgruntled electorate.

  • Stephen Pook, Wilbury Road, Hove