Does anyone know the instances of illnesses caused by the inhalation of smoke from bonfires and incinerators?

I thought incinerators were more usual on allotments, but I have neighbours who have brought one into a domestic setting and use it at least every fortnight, sometimes on both Saturday and Sunday.

This week we have already had three fires. The fires last at least two hours and even with all the windows closed, my house fills with smoke.

Within ten minutes of the fires starting, I have a sore throat which lasts a couple of days. I worry about my mother, who is in her eighties, inhaling the smoke, not to mention the unpleasantness of having to have the windows shut on hot summer days.

There is a six or seven-week-old baby living in the house the other side of these neighbours. What must this be doing to that child? I am sure it is a health hazard. I think these people could single-handedly create a smog over Brighton and Hove.

During the last World Cup they had a fire on every day except those on which England were playing. This has been going on for two years.

I am a non-smoker but if I visit friends who smoke, I do so by choice.

I do not see why people should inflict this smoke on others who have no way of avoiding it. What can I do to stop these people shortening my life?

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