Congratulations to Angela Nangle on her acquittal at Hove Crown Court (The Argus, June 26). I met Ms Nangle three years ago when I was organising a local charity event. I had read her rather rude but funny book Body Worship and was rather nervous about meeting this real-life "working girl".

I needn't have worried. During my career in medicine I have had the pleasure of meeting many highly intelligent, articulate and amusing people and Ms Nangle is up there with the best of them.

She is a well-spoken, warm, intelligent and refreshingly honest lady.

The day after her acquittal I saw her and was shocked to see what the ordeal of the past two years has done to her. Without her usual make-up, this petite lady, with flawless skin and soft blonde hair, looked vulnerable and still traumatised. Her health has suffered greatly with the stress of this case.

Her victory over Revenue and Customs is no mean feat. I have difficulty understanding how the British Government can condone the highly dangerous work of prostitution and providing erotic services by taxing the proceeds, while at the same time singing from the rooftops about protecting and helping sex workers out of this awful life.

Before having the pleasure of meeting Ms Nangle, my idea of a female sex worker was of a desperate addict forced into this rather dreadful work by their addiction or brutalised by a pimp. Although, this is the case with many sex workers, Ms Nangle is no desperate addict or substance abuser.

She made her own choices in deciding to provide this particular service, however abhorrent this work is to some.

After reading newspaper reports and hearing court details Ms Nangle's recollections it's clearly apparent that, without her knowledge, she did indeed work for a brutal pimp in the shady underworld.

This dubious and frightening character will no doubt be fuming with rage at Ms Nangle's acquittal. Watch out Ms Nangle, his angry little blue-collared officials will be hiding in every doorway.

  • Dee Varni, Chichester Close, Hove