My small granddaughter had the misfortune to have a nasty fall and quite badly injured her ear. We attended the A&E department of Worthing General Hospital on June 25 and can't praise the staff enough for their help and consideration of both my granddaughter and her twin brother who was worried.

The staff were caring and communicated with my granddaughter really well, telling her how brave she was being and what a good girl she was. When the nursing side of things had finished, they asked her what her favourite colour was. When my granddaughter answered pink, the specialist nurse went off to get her a present for being so good. Back he came with a lovely cuddly teddy dressed in a pink romper suit.

The specialist nurse said the toys came from the Worthing Rotary Club. It was a wonderfully considerate gesture and I would like to thank the rotary club and all the staff at Worthing A&E.

  • Judy Morgan, The Highway, Brighton