Natwest has assured customers it has resolved an issue with its cash machines after people reported money going missing from their accounts. 

Natwest customers took to social media late yesterday complaining money they had deposited to their account had gone missing which the bank said was due to an “ongoing incident with our cash deposit machines”.

Others expressed concerns they would accrue fees after the issue resulted in their accounts being overdrawn.

The Argus: Natwest said they had experienced an ongoing incident with our cash deposit machines.Natwest said they had experienced an ongoing incident with our cash deposit machines. (Image: PA)

One customer on X (formerly Twitter) said: "@NatWest_Help where is my money? I deposited money in branch yesterday and this morning it wasn’t there. I don’t need this kind of headache."

Another said: "@NatWest_Help When is this money going to be back with me? I’ve been unable to do what I needed to with it today. A whole day without it reappearing is unacceptable."

While a third person, having spoken to Natwest on X added: "Hope we get it sorted by tomorrow (Friday) then.

"I’ll never ever use a cash deposit machine again. Until now, I’ve used them all the time.

"We are even encouraged NOT to use a cashier and go straight to a machine. So we do, then this nonsense happens."

Issues with cash machines now resolved says Natwest

But in a statement issued by Natwest to the PA news agency early Friday (September 22) morning, it said all issues with their cash machines and money disappearing should now be resolved. 

A Natwest spokesperson said: "Cash payments to a small number of accounts have been delayed.

“The issue is now resolved and customer accounts are being updated.

“No customer will be left out of pocket as a result.”