An early morning walker was in tears when she found a dead dolphin on a beach.

The common dolphin washed up on Rottingdean beach in the early hours of Friday after several days of stormy seas.

The Argus: The dolphin on Rottingdean beachThe dolphin on Rottingdean beach (Image: Andrew Gardner / The Argus)

Movement coach Neda Nenadic, who spotted it on the pebbles, said it had an injured face.

She said: "I walk on the undercliff every day. Going by the ocean is just beautiful. It gives me time to reflect.

"And then I saw this dolphin. It was a really young one as well. I had a little prayer for it."

The Argus: Neda with the dolphinNeda with the dolphin (Image: Andrew Gardner / The Argus)

It is thought the dolphin was a male, about two months old

Neda contacted the UK Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme which sent out an officer to collect the dolphin for further investigation.

The Argus: It was badly injured to the noseIt was badly injured to the nose (Image: Andrew Gardner / The Argus)

Neda said: "It was so wild on Thursday. Part of me thinks that maybe it got smashed up in the rough seas.

"It was quite shocking to see such a beautiful creature like that."