Brighton has some of the UK’s most “reckless” drivers according to a new survey.

It found that nearly a quarter of motorists in the city had penalty points on their licence.

The figure is 71 per cent above th national average and puts Brighton third highest city for penalty points.

According to government data, 24,580 drivers per 100,000 in Brighton had penalty points.

The national average was 14,368 drivers per 100,000.


The study conducted by found Wakefield had the most drivers with penalty points, followed by Peterborough.

London was ranked as the safest city with the fewest drivers with penalty points per 100,000.

A spokesman from said: “It’s crucial that all drivers, whether a resident or visitor, recognise the elevated risks in areas that report high rates of accidents and thefts – particularly in Brighton.

“It’s important to be vigilant in these high-risk areas by concentrating and driving carefully through the cities. For those of you who are residing in or visiting Brighton, be especially attentive on the roads, as it has the highest number of both road accidents and fatal accidents overall.”