Around a hundred school girls wearing skirts deemed “too short” were ordered to change into a “cheap and nasty” replacement bought by the school or else they were suspended.

Year 11 pupils at Peacehaven Community School said they were lined up in the assembly hall so teachers could measure the length of their skirts before being allowed into lessons on Monday – two weeks after the start of term.

One parent told The Argus that their child wore the “exact same” skirt throughout Year 10 but on arriving at school today was told that it was no longer suitable.

“They’re holding every girl in the school in the hall. There are over 100 of them stood in the hall,” said the parent, who asked to remain anonymous.

The Argus: Peacehaven Community SchoolPeacehaven Community School (Image: The Argus)

“The school has gone and bought cheap, nasty ones for them to change into but they’re refusing, so they’re being told to go home.

Parents of the girls who refused to change into the alternative skirts were contacted by the school this morning.

“People have got to go and pick their children up from school now. I’m stewing. There are more important things going on in the world than this,” the parent said.

“I asked the teacher ‘what has the length of her skirt got to do with learning?’ And she said ‘everything’.

The Argus: The school told some pupils they need to change or go homeThe school told some pupils they need to change or go home (Image: SWNS)

“All girls are different sizes so how is this fair. We had the same argument in the 70s and into the 80s.

“This is their GCSE year. This is their study time now.”

The parent said the school had not told them of the uniform change before today and asked why it has taken until now for teachers to clamp down on the issue.

Despite the disruption caused to education and parents, the school declined to comment.

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Guidance on the school’s website states students can wear a “black knee-length pleated skirt which can be purchased from any supplier of your choice.

“Students are not permitted to wear black jeans, skin-tight trousers, leggings, stretchy tube or pencil skirts.

“If wearing a skirt, this should not be rolled or folded over at the top and should not be shorter than four inches above the knee.”