A woman said she was made to feel like a “criminal” by security guards who would not let her go on the Brighton i360 with her medicinal cannabis.

Skye Moore, 52, went to the seaside attraction with her friend and told staff at the door that she had the cannabis in her bag.

Skye, from Brighton told The Argus that the security supervisor said she was not allowed on with the medicine.

The Argus: Skye with her medicinal cannabisSkye with her medicinal cannabis (Image: Andrew Gardner | The Argus)

Skye, who takes the medicinal cannabis to help with anxiety and chronic pain, said: “It was an absolute nightmare. It was really stressful and humiliating.

“I was in tears, he threatened to confiscate my medication.

“I was made to feel humiliated and ashamed and I was terrified that I was going to get arrested. It’s time to change people’s perceptions of medicinal cannabis and I’m surprised that this would happen in Brighton.”

The Argus: Skye in front of the Brighton i360Skye in front of the Brighton i360 (Image: Andrew Gardner | The Argus)

Skye added that she had not seen her friend in over 10 years on Sunday and had been excited to go on the i360 but was not allowed to go on the attraction until she took the cannnabis back to her car.

She added that she had told the security team that she was not intending on vaping the cannabis during her flight.


Since 2018, private doctors on the General Medical Council’s specialist register can legally prescribe cannabis-based products with a prescription, according to NHS England.

Many patients like Skye take medication by vaping their products which can help with a number of different ailments.

The Argus: Skye in front of the Brighton i360Skye in front of the Brighton i360 (Image: Andrew Gardner | The Argus)

A spokeswoman for Brighton i360 said that as per their agreement with licensing authorities they are obliged to confiscate cannabis. They added that it remains in their discretion whether to permit or prohibit the possession of cannabis on medical grounds.

The spokeswoman said: “We sincerely apologise for any distress that this situation may have caused the customer. To rectify the issue, we offered the customer the opportunity to reschedule their visit for the next available time slot, however, they decided to travel on the booked timeslot with the stipulation that they could not take the item onboard. This offer was accepted and fulfilled.

“To prevent such occurrences in the future, we will work with Sussex Police to review our terms and conditions and policies. We remain dedicated to providing a safe and pleasant experience for all our visitors.”