A college campus will close as part of a new merger.

Plans have been announced to combine Northbrook College’s campus in Broadwater, Worthing, with its West Durrington site in two years’ time.

Andrew Green, chief executive of the Chichester College Group which runs the college, said the decision was made due to soaring costs and the “inefficiency” of having three large sites in the town.

Mr Green said the Broadwater site will most likely be sold.

“Colleges up and down the country have faced more than a decade of cuts and increased costs, as well as the impact of rising inflation and soaring energy bills,” he said.

“That means we, like all businesses, have to make decisions that maximise our assets and rationalise our space while offering local students the opportunity to access high quality courses and learning opportunities. 

“We currently have three large sites in Worthing, which is an unusual situation for a town of this size and creates inefficiency in operation and high running costs. Our goal is to rationalise and consolidate our sites, while consolidating and maintaining our current curriculum offer and improving the student experience.

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“We will be re-investing into new facilities at our West Durrington campus, giving students the very best facilities in which to study and develop their skills.”

The proposals will mean courses which are currently delivered at Northbrook College’s Broadwater campus will, within the next two years, be delivered at other Chichester College Group campus sites in the Worthing area including the West Durrington campus and Worthing College.

“Across the three Worthing-based campuses, we have a substantial amount of space that is under used,” said Mr Green.

“The group has undertaken a detailed assessment of all three Worthing-based campuses, looking at the courses being delivered, the buildings and facilities, cost and operational impact of relocation to another site, potential cost savings that can be achieved and the potential for site values and potential for sale.

“It is not practical to keep all three sites open long-term. Our intention is to put the Broadwater site on the market for sale and we’ll be able to invest the proceeds into our Worthing-based college sites, providing better facilities for young people, apprentices and adults in the local area.”