Brighton has been named as the third best city for families in the UK.

The city scored highly for its weather, at an average temperature of 10.9C, and it also has one of the highest proportions of activities per 10,000 people, at 24.

Most notably however was Brighton’s safety score index of 62.6, making it one of the safest cities in the UK.

The study was conducted by Outdoor Toys and looked into several factors which make for a “happy and well-balanced family life”.

Brighton came third with Hull and Liverpool taking joint first followed by Portsmouth.

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The study also took average salaries and house prices into consideration. People in the city earn an average of £27,500 each year while the city’s average house price is £417,500.

It means Brighton also has the greatest gap between average salary and average house price out of the top ten cities.

It comes after Brighton was recently named the most inspirational city in the South of England.