A film about a Hove veteran who escaped from his nursing home to attend the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings is set to hit cinemas next week.

Michael Caine plays Bernard Jordan, who disappeared from his care home after being told he could not make the trip to Normandy.

The 89-year-old sparked a police search in June 2014 after he fled The Pines nursing home in Furze Hill, Hove, with officers speaking to bus and taxi companies in an attempt to find him.

It wasn’t until 12 hours after the alarm was first raised that the nursing home received a call from a younger veteran from Brighton, who was in a hotel in Ouistreham near  the D-Day beaches in Normandy and had met Bernard on a coach to France.

After his daring escape, Bernard was able to pay his respects at the anniversary.

He was welcomed back warmly by staff at the care home, who waved Union Jacks and cheered as he arrived home.

Bernard said at the time: “I was never banned from going to the commemorations, I just decided to make my own way there.

“I had a great time. I’m really pleased I did it.

“All the men and the women who took part on that day 70 years ago are heroes, especially the ones who never came back.”

The Argus: Bernard Jordan escaped from his care home in Hove to pay his respects in NormandyBernard Jordan escaped from his care home in Hove to pay his respects in Normandy

Ivor Caplin, the former MP for Hove, knew Bernard well during his many years serving as a councillor.

He recalled the moment he heard on the radio that a man had fled his care home to go to the D-Day commemorations.

“When I heard this piece on the radio saying this person had escaped from this place in Furze Hill, I thought ‘I’m bloody sure Bernie is there’.”

Ivor said that Bernard, a former Royal Navy officer, had lobbied him for money to allow veterans to attend the 60th anniversary in 2004, as Ivor was veterans minister at the time.

“I think partly that inspired Bernie to go again in 2014,” Ivor said.

Michael Caine stars alongside the late Glenda Jackson, who plays the runaway veteran's wife, Irene Jordan.

Asked what Bernard would think about Michael Caine, “the master of the great escape”, playing him in a film, Ivor said: “He would partly be very happy that he was going to do that, but I think he might just be a bit more jealous about who’s playing Irene to be honest.”

Filming took place in autumn last year, with The Italian Job star spotted shooting scenes in Camber Sands.

The Argus: Sir Michael Caine was seen filming in Camber Sands for The Great EscaperSir Michael Caine was seen filming in Camber Sands for The Great Escaper (Image: Ali Burt)The veteran actor, who has had a film career spanning six decades, has suggested the new film may be his last.

In an interview with The Telegraph, he said that playing the role of Bernard was quite physically challenging and suggested he would retire.

“I am bloody 90 now and I can’t walk properly and all that,” Michael Caine said.

Bernard Jordan died in hospital in January 2015 at the age of 90.

The Great Escaper comes to cinemas on October 6.