Brighton and Hove's Keep Our NHS Public group is planning to hold a stall in Churchill Square today from noon, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the NHS being founded.

We're holding a "people's ballot" to give people a chance to vote on whether they agree with the NHS being privatised and to send a letter to the chief executive of the health trust, asking why we've not had a public consultation on the new GPled centre being planned for the city. This new centre is likely to be run by a private company, possibly a multinational, with a first commitment to making profits rather than to caring for patients. The beauty of our NHS is its ethos: patient first.

There will be a birthday cake and balloons. One of our members will be bringing along his son who he named Bevan, after the founder of the NHS, Nye Bevan. Bevan Mason is also celebrating a birthday - his second. Will there still be an NHS when young Bevan reaches 60?

Please come along and make your voice heard. To quote Nye Bevan: "The NHS will exist as long as there are people to fight for it."

  • Sue Power, Argyle Road, Brighton