Residents fear a quiet road will be turned into a “Disneyland by the Sea” if plans for an environmental education centre are approved.

A planning proposal to Lewes District Council could see a private street around Cliff Gardens in Seaford transformed into a “climate change educational beach” and community garden, including planters, fishbone sculptures and “big buoy benches” that will signpost the garden and include information to build awareness of climate change.

However, some residents have expressed concern that the “oasis of tranquillity” next to the Martello Fields would become flooded with visitors.

One resident said: “Which would you prefer? The attractive, peaceful old road with just the sound of the sea and the gulls overhead, an oasis of tranquillity and so much part of Seaford or the Disneyland by the Sea, attracting coach loads of noisy children excited at the thought of cultivated flowers in rusting steel containers and mothers with screaming babies and toddlers sitting on Disney seating and yet more fish inspired sculptures.

“This nightmare could become a real-life drama. When it’s gone, it’s gone, never to return to the tranquil people’s paradise that it is now.”

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Others shared the resident’s concern, calling for the space to be left alone and describing the proposed project as a “total waste of money”.

“Do not spoil everything that we have left that identifies Seaford as a very beautiful town as it is,” another said.

However, other residents said that an attraction would “benefit everyone” and encourage tourists to spend money in the town.

One resident took to Facebook to say: “For years Seaford has missed out on so many great projects because of selfish miserable old people that don’t like change.”

Garden plots will show how plants “come together in communities” to survive hostile conditions, while others will highlight what could happen if action is not taken to stop the climate emergency.

The plans from the Seaford Community Partnership will be funded from the National Lottery through a bid led by the South Downs National Park Authority.

A report being put forward to councillors next Wednesday recommends the approval of the project and said “the proposed works would not result in the introduction of any unacceptable increase in noise and disturbance, loss of light, overshadowing or overlooking to near neighbours”.

Residents can leave a comment on the application on Lewes District Council’s website.