Free NHS prescriptions and dental care could be cut by the Government as they reportedly make new Universal Credit sanctions.

It comes after a speech by the Chancellor Jeremy Hunt at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester saw the MP share that there are plans for tougher benefit restrictions.

The restrictions would be aimed at those who “won’t even look for work”, according to the Mirror.

Hunt also shared that alongside Work and Pensions Secretary Mel Stride, they will be looking “again at the benefits sanctions regime“.

The Argus: The new sanctions could mean the end to free dental care/The new sanctions could mean the end to free dental care/ (Image: PA)

Free NHS prescriptions and dental care could be cut under Government plans

As part of the plans, one part of the sanctioning includes stopping free NHS prescriptions and dental care, according to Politics Home.

If a person is found to be still claiming whilst being sanctioned that could be fined.

Discussing the proposal, Politics Home reported that they “have been under discussion in Whitehall.”

The new sanctions would reportedly affect claimants who do not comply with Jobcentre requirements.

The Argus: There could be fines handed out.There could be fines handed out. (Image: PA)

Politics Home also suggests that anyone who has been sanctioned for six months may have their Universal Credit closed by the Department for Work and Pensions.

The closures would mean that those affected would not be able to claim for some time, with suggestions it could be up to three months.

Whilst not confirmed, there are reports that the new rules would not affect anyone that receives the disability, housing or child aspects of Universal Credit.

It is also important to note that at the time of writing, the Government has not confirmed the plans for tougher sanctions.