Two town’s water supplies are back to normal after a mains pipe burst.

Some residents in Peacehaven and Newhaven were without water yesterday due to the broken pipe.

A bottled water station was set up while engineers worked to fix the pipe.

South East Water has now confirmed that the water supply is back to normal in both towns.

The Argus: The pipe is located near Tarring Neville and NewhavenThe pipe is located near Tarring Neville and Newhaven (Image: South East Water)

A spokesman for the company said: “We’re sorry to customers in Peacehaven and Newhaven who experienced intermittent water supply issues after a burst water main.

“Water continued to fill the drinking water tank as planned overnight and water supplies throughout Peacehaven and Newhaven are back to normal this morning.

“You may see our technicians out and about today removing any trapped air from the network.

“If you experience cloudy or discoloured water coming from your taps, do not be alarmed as this is normal following an interruption to supply and poses no risk to health.


“All you need to do is run your cold water tap until the water turns clear.

“Once again, thank you for reducing your water use yesterday while repairs to the pipe were made.

“We will not be opening the bottled water station this morning as all supplies have returned.”