The Big Brother house was reportedly "locked down" last night after a serious breach saw show bosses scramble to confront a man near the studio.

The worried ITV staff members were forced to stop a YouTuber from breaching the site's security when he tried to fly a drone overhead.

The man revealed that he had 'hacked' into the team's radio systems, allowing him to listen in on the conversations being had between security and the ITV crew.

Big Brother house 'locked down' after YouTuber tries to fly drone over ITV house

According to The Sun, when the security team attempted to usher him away the first time, he refused to budge.

The YouTuber continued to film the entire confrontation and could be heard shouting: "I will defend myself."

As more Big Brother staff arrived to beg the YouTuber to leave, more studio vehicles reportedly could be seen entering and leaving the site.

Despite protestations from the crew, the man refused to move and argued that he was on a public highway, adding that the stunt he was pulling was "fair game".

When contacted by The Sun, a spokesperson for Big Brother said: "We have robust and rigorous security measures in place across our site for the safety of the Big Brother house, production team and Housemates. Safety and welfare is always a priority."

This latest security breach comes five years after YouTubers Ally Law and Ryan Taylor scaled over the Big Brother house fence and made their way into the compound.

The pair are known for their dramatic stunts and have broken into a number of buildings and areas over the years.

The new series of Big Brother debuted on ITV on Sunday, October 8, seeing 16 housemates enter.

Big Brother airs every day on ITV2 and ITVX from 9pm.