An entire secondary school has been banned from a McDonald’s after students refused to stop shouting, swearing and vaping inside the restaurant.

Students from Burgess Hill Academy repeatedly abused customers and staff at the nearby McDonalds in Civic Way, Burgess Hill, after school.

Staff pleaded with the students over multiple occasions but their requests fell on deaf ears. So after the latest incident earlier this month – the police were called and a ban was put in place.

It means all 1,086 students at Burgess Hill Academy have been ordered to stay out of the fast-food restaurant before, during and after school hours while wearing school uniform.

And principal Simon Davies, who only took over at the school in April last year, was even spotted at McDonald’s telling students they are not allowed in the restaurant when he visited to speak to the restaurant manager to discuss the ban.

The Argus: The McDonald's in Burgess HillThe McDonald's in Burgess Hill (Image: Google Maps)

Parents are also fuming with the tearaway teenagers, with one person saying via social media: “Last week I was at McDonalds it was very unpleasant.

"All the school kids were shouting and pushing, throwing salt and sugar in each other’s hair. Then they got a yellow cone and stuffed it in the toilet.

"They were running around in circles. The staff members were just laughing at this point. I personally decided I am not going back, it’s crazy.”

While another said: “Children nowadays have no respect for adults or even each other and they have no discipline either.”

But Burgess Hill Academy said it is cracking down on antisocial behaviour.

A spokesman from the University of Brighton Academies Trust, which runs the academy, said: "The decision to implement this ban was jointly made by McDonald's, Sussex Police, and The Burgess Hill Academy.

“We fully support this measure and understand that the timeframe for lifting the ban will be determined by McDonald's.”

But while the trust said it supports the ban, it claims just one student was responsible rather than a group as confirmed by the restaurant.

The Argus: The Burgess Hill AcademyThe Burgess Hill Academy (Image: Google Maps)

“It is essential to emphasise that the actions leading to this decision were the result of a single individual's actions and do not reflect the values and standards upheld by our academy and students,” said the trust spokesman.

“The Burgess Hill Academy does not condone this behaviour, irrespective of whether it occurred before, during, or after school hours. We extend our sincere apologies to McDonald's for any inconvenience caused.”

“We are actively working with Sussex Police to address this issue and are committed to proactively promoting respectful and responsible behaviour within our school community through upcoming assemblies.

“Our staff members were present to support following the incident, and we are dedicated to maintaining an open dialogue with all parties involved during this temporary ban.

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“The University of Brighton Academies Trust and The Burgess Hill Academy are fully dedicated to addressing this issue with the utmost seriousness, striving to create and maintain a respectful environment for all our students and the wider local community."

Police confirmed they are working “with partner and the community to respond to reports of antisocial behaviour involving youths across Burgess Hill”.

They asked anyone with information on antisocial behaviour to report it via the Sussex Police website.