A senior doctor is facing accusations of antisemitism following claims made in an online petition.

An anti-Semitic petition which was published online today and later deleted praised the alleged actions of a consultant at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton to “hinder” and “isolate” a Jewish junior doctor and have them removed from their team.

The trust said they were aware of the petition and called the claims “baseless and categorically untrue”.

The claims are part of a petition which called for University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust to not train Israeli doctors over the ongoing conflict in Israel and Gaza.

Created by a group called "UniteForPalestine", the petition names the consultant and claims they isolated a junior doctor and 'made them feel like an outsider' by “intentionally not leaving a chair for them” at meetings.

The consultant, who The Argus is choosing not to name, is also alleged to have made the doctor look “inept” by "giving them the least amount of time to do the job" and “ensuring their unfinished tasks were known to the team”.


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The group behind the petition appears to celebrate the consultant as “an excellent example on how we can hinder the training or exclude Jewish doctors from the medical profession without being called racist”.

The Argus has been unable to verify the identity of UniteForPalestine but the group does not appear to be linked to University Hospitals Sussex.

Reacting to the petition, Brighton Rabbi Gabriel Kanter-Webber said: “It seems beggar’s belief that someone would boast so much about this.

“The petition is causing fear and apprehension within the community.”

The petition was taken offline at around 1pm this afternoon.

A spokesman for University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust said: “We were made aware of the online petition shortly before it was taken down - the allegations it contained are baseless and categorically untrue.”

The authors of the petition expressed the belief that Muslim doctors “should not be made to facilitate the training of individuals who may use their skills in the perpetration of human rights violations”.

The petition comes amid the ongoing conflict in the Middle East following Hamas attacks on Israel. Israel has since laid siege to Gaza for more than two weeks.