A campaign to save a beloved pub which supporters say is “under serious threat” from developers has been launched.

There are fears the Prince Albert in Brighton could face closure if a neighbouring development is approved.

Thousands of people have already signed a petition against the plans which would see a former garage at 47, Trafalgar Street, demolished and replaced.

Original designs submitted in August last year proposed the garages, which are next to the Prince Albert, be replaced with a four-storey building comprising commercial space and two holiday lets.

However, the scheme has since been amended with the holiday lets removed from the plan.

Documents describing the amendment said: "The holiday let units have been removed from the scheme. The entire building will now be commercial with commercial units on the top floor in replacement of the removed holiday lets.

"All units will be Class E commercial and the end user has not been confirmed yet.

"A commercial building located alongside a live music venue is an acceptable arrangement and would accord with the mixed character of uses within this central area of the city."

But Will Moore, venue manager of The Prince Albert, said the Grade II listed pub will lose out on trade during the build, could be damaged during construction and have its light blocked out by the multi-storey structure.

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He also expressed concerns that the units could be turned into flats in the future if the government makes planning reforms.

“If they do build something that massive there’s lots of implications really,” he said.

“If they’re butting up to a Grade II listed building as much as they are going to be then they’ll take all our light away.

“They said they’d put a window box in but who’s going to be maintaining that?

“There’ll be no access to it.

“There’ll be no light up the stairs, we’ll have no light in the garden front or back, nor will number 46.

“It’s a big concern to the neighbours and commercial properties in Frederick Place and Over Street.

“The loss of trade will be enormous when they’re building over such a long period of time.

“At the moment there is a clause stating that it can’t be used for residential and can only be open from 7am to 8pm.

“However, Keir Starmer has been on the news stating that there are too many empty shop units and not enough housing.

“He proposes to change the law to make things easier to convert a building.

“If that does get converted there won’t be enough soundproofing in it because it wasn’t built for that.

“It will cause untold amount of trouble and probably the demise of the pub.”

The petition comes ahead of a council committee meeting to discuss the application on Wednesday, November 1.

A report says the planning committee is “minded to grant” the proposal.

DJ Fatboy Slim, real name Norman Cook, who lives in Hove, has added his support to the campaign and shared the petition on X, formerly Twitter.

The Trafalgar Street pub is well known for its live music performances as well as its mural of music stars.

More than 1,000 objections were racked up on the planning application’s documents.