Wiltshire Flowers is a 50 year old family-owned business which was started by Kim's Grandfather, who back in the day sold flowers by the Black Swan Pub, utilising routes of the carriages which passed Pease Pottage. Eventually he acquired some land by Balcombe Road, where he then made his home and sold flowers. The flowers which he sourced came from a nearby field, which has since been repurposed. The flower shop opened in 1958  and you can still find it today. The Business has now been passed down to Kim. Kim has learned everything she knows about floristry from her wonderful mother. She has a great knowledge of her craft and is most welcoming to all who visit the shop.

The shop caters to a wide variety of customers by offering an array of fresh cut flowers and floral orientated products, such as the beautifully arranged flowers, bouquets and wreaths for any occasion, such as celebrations, events or simply just a small bunch to display in your home. Made in the shop by Kim and her family, most of the flowers are sourced fresh from both Covent Gardens and Holland and then lovingly cared for and ready to sell.

Many People may go to their general supermarket these days and buy a small bunch of flowers with their weekly shop, but there is something a little special and more personal about still shopping at the smaller local businesses within our communities and in tern they also help support charities and work alongside small businesses and farms in providing locally sourced honey and fresh eggs.

   The Argus:                                                                                                                                          

Wiltshire Flowers features a small celebrity which has taken residency within the shop. Twinkle is a black and white cat who is at least 16-years old . Twinkle arrived many years ago, nobody knows where she lived before, she has since had 2 litters of kittens and made the shop her permanent home.  Twinkle loves people and some even visit the shop with the only purpose of  greeting and stroking Little Twinkle. She is incredibly friendly and fond of the attention and acts as a small furry celebrity to those who visit the shop. 

Wiltshire florists is an incredibly welcoming shop which caters to those in need of something special.