As the cold, damp air seeps in during these autumn months, its best to start preparing now before temperatures drop and frost becomes prevalent. Before this occurs there are some simple tasks that can be done beforehand. 

Starting with covering and protecting the roots of the plants from becoming frost bitten. This can be done through covering the base of your plant or shrubbery with mulch, which can be easily made from fallen leaves, grass cuttings or straw from old pet bedding (although straw can be both unsightly and messy). This method can also benefit wildlife by offering a source of warm bedding material for hibernation.

Half-hardy or non-hardy potted shrubs and plants can be covered over with horticulture fleece or preferably moved into a sheltered area such as cold frame, greenhouse or within your home if the plants are especially susceptible to low temperatures.

When regarding trees and shrubs, begin pruning some shrubs which require annual attention by trimming down dead and overgrown ends. But generally leave trees to be pruned later during their winter dormancy, this includes most varieties of fruit tree, but please look up on your specific tree beforehand as pruning times can vary for different species.

Fitting with the halloween spirit, along with the materials listed for mulch (above) ,leftover pumpkins (sliced and diced), can be added to your compost and provide additional added sustenance within your compost benefiting your plants later on.

Lastly, clean your gardens tools and pots before you store them for the winter, make sure your storage is dry as to avoid rust build up on your tools and avoid leaving pots out in the open for them to become brittle from changing conditions.