Helen -regarded as the most accurate tribute to Adele!- our flourishing star here in Eastbourne, who enjoys every minute of her job. I chose to report on Helen because she inspires me to push forward and to see things from a different perspective. I met Helen through my mum. They are good friends, and my mum is her hairdresser. I have been to a few of Helen's shows playing tribute to Adele, but she also enjoys doing her Divas and musical re-enactments of other greatest women singers.

Although I usually don't cry to people singing, Helen always manages to bring tears to my eyes. Her voice is so soothing and perfectly replicates the idol, Adele and many others. She has a talent for changing her voice to impersonate others. It is always impressive how fantastic her vocal range is and the projection of her singing. (When I first met Helen, I truly believed I had just met the world-renowned singer, Adele.) I am not just saying this because she sounds like Adele, but she also has a striking resemblance to her as well.

When asked how her Adele tribute came to be, Helen replied by saying "Adele was the only current singer at the time I thought I could tribute." It's unbelievable how far she's come. From singing in churches to performing arts at college, Drama school and where she followed her dreams and ended up going on the hit UK TV programmes: 'X FACTOR' and 'The Voice.'

Helen of course like every star has their ups and downs before becoming a big-shot wonder. Helen said, "Making sure I had enough confidence in myself was the hardest thing while also making sure I didn't overdo it."
Following this inspiring dream of hers, she wishes to continue to perform on cruise ships and still spend as much time with her family as possible. She loves her fans and performing on stage. As the wise woman, Helen says "Nothing is easy, you just have to keep going and keep focused on what you want to do. Make sure you love what you do."