Pierre Henry-Fontaine decides to visit The Gatwick School, giving inspirational speeches and exercises to keep fit and with mental well-being!!  I interviewed Pierre with the consent he will be published in this article.

Pierre used to play for Great Britain and was one of the top players. He had many struggles in his childhood. Pierre found out about basketball, due to a popular friend in his school, who played in the local sports centre and Pierre had curiosity filled up in him. That curiosity brought him to basketball. He soon after joined the local sports centre and started to fall in love with basketball. 

He was lucky enough to meet Michael Jordan, in person, and that was his role model and the person who inspired him! His parents were very happy that Pierre found something he loved as he had one too many struggles with academics. They were really happy as Pierre seemed extremely passionate about basketball and his parents supported him all the way.

Pierre was and still is an ordinary person, he has dyslexia and it caused many struggles in school. It shows not all are perfect. Pierre found something he was good at and played well, most importantly enjoyed it. 

He had been playing basketball for 25 years!! During my interview with Pierre, I had asked what his favorite medal was. He told me all of them represent his milestones and mean the same, however he did reveal that a competition named, Midnight Madness, was his favorite trophy/medal. He became number 1 in that competition and that was what he was most proud of. As he was part of the top ten he then proceeded to go against an American team at a teenage age as I believe. 

During the assemblies he gave to The Gatwick School, he went on and repeated the same quote, when I asked about it he said it was something he felt from the heart and it was advice young people need. He said "Winners make it happen, Losers let it happen." When I asked the meaning behind this he had said something like " When you're making it happen, you're living your life, but when you are waiting for chances or letting it all happen for you, you are living someone else's life.

Lastly, I asked what he would say to the young people out there, even older people, anyone who looks up to him and sees him as their role model, he had stated that "Don't be like me, be like you." He meant that you should be you and you may look up to him but you are not him, you are the person you are.