Christ’s Hospital is the home of many exceptional sportsmen, specialising in activities such as rugby, hockey and even cricket. The sports department takes pride in nurturing these talents with regular training throughout the week to prepare for competitive matches. But for those who shine even brighter than their fellow teammates, there is a scheme that allows them to reach their full potential.

The Athlete Development Plan (ADP) is offered annually to those in Upper Fourth (Year 10) and above who excel in a specific sport. The aim of this exclusive program is to develop and enhance student’s physical capabilities. The pupils involved meet every Tuesday afternoon and do a range of activities.

 I wanted to know more about this project as its quite unique to our school, so I decided to interview my friend Precious A (Year 11) who last year was accepted into the ADP thanks to her remarkable skills in both netball and athletics.


Q1. How did you get selected into the program?

  • “Near the end of LE (Year 9) I received an email stating that I have been selected to apply for the program based on my athletic performance. I had to fill in a forms quiz which asked questions such as: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” A few weeks late a received an email stating that I was accepted into it.”


Q2. What do you do in your sessions?

  • “We do several things on rotation. Nutrition sessions involve cooking foods best suited for training. During gym sessions we use the bluecoat gym for strength and conditioning. We get lectured on what it truly means to be an athlete from the physical to the mental aspects. Occasionally we take trips to talk to professionals which helps us to see firsthand what this career takes.”


Q3. How does the program help you?  

Precious: “It exposes me to more opportunities and I also gain more knowledge and experience. Though it’s fun it can be challenging sometimes as it forces me to do a lot of self-reflection.”




Q4.  How do you see yourself using what you learn?

Precious: “Since my confidence in sports ability has grown, I can apply that into future activities. Developing skills of self-awareness will help me assess my strengths, weaknesses and areas of development. Also, just general knowledge of nutrition is a benefit.”


Q5. What advice do you have to those wanting to try out for this?”

Precious: “Go into it with an open mind, always be eager to learn and get as much as you can from each session. Time management is important as you should have time to train out of school hours if you are serious about your sport. Always make sure to stay positive and allow yourself to rest sometimes!”


Interviewing Precious has giving me an insight into this scheme and I hope that other pupils who wish to do so enroll.