The Azores And It's Culture

A group of children from the school of St Catherines college travelled halfway across the world to a small island named The Azores. This trip let the kids learn all about the Azorean and even Portuguese culture.

What culture does the Azores have?

The Azores is a small island that sits in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It was colonised by the Portuguese from 1439 meaning it took the Portuguese culture along with it. As you walk around the island, you spot all the amazing architecture in the small churches and chapels that are scattered around towns. These churches are filled with colourful glass windows and old statues of Jesus and other religious figures. As well as these artistic buildings, there are quite a few festivals and celebrations that take place throughout the island. The 'Festival of the Holy Spirit' is a very important festival that involves dressed up paraders that carry baskets of bread on their heads. They crown the 'Queens of the Festival' and eat many meals as a community. It is usually held on Pentecost Sunday but can also be held on any Sunday between Easter and Pentecost Sunday.

Religions in the Azores

The strongest religion in the Azores is Catholicism with 91.6% of people identifying as a Catholic. Beliefs and manifestations in religions peaked when the natural disasters and great isolation devastated the populations. They found relief in the belief and relied on it even in the darkest of times.

However, the best thing to do is to go view these beautiful religions yourself and experience how they feel and thrive in the Azores.