Care homes are typically shown in media as a bad, boring and negative places to be in. A key example being ‘Grandpa’s Great Escape' by David Walliams. And although the piece was exaggerated a lot to make the place sound hell-like, it still managed to express the point that care homes were prison-like and restrictive of one's free movements.

Upon arriving at Heathfield care home in Horsham though, one's opinion can change instantly as you notice the neat layout and organisation of the structure. Bright colours are displayed upon the walls and flowers were decorated neatly. Large windows allowed for the warmth of sunlight to enter the slightly packed but cozy building situated near the town centre. The staff were friendly and easy-going towards everyone in their environment, and weren't shy to pull a joke or two.

When asking residents how they found things a lively resident, told me that she enjoyed the activities they had to offer and others agreed. Though, she said it was nice to have younger visitors as that is the age group they are most separated from in many aspects and rarely see most of the time. Nevertheless, all residents expressed gratitude. When asked what advice they would give to the younger generations to come, another resident commented, “The younger generations spend too much time worrying about themselves and don't need advice but to just be themselves,”.