Although on the hallowed day we were plagued with pelts of rain, we still witnessed a community gather together to organise trick-tastic events to ensure an exciting Halloween. Children and Adults alike gathered to go on haunted trails and giddy trick-or-treaters were fortunate enough to have organised games and open doors in multiple locations!

Horsham is known for being a tight community, and did not fail this year in regards to Halloween.  A variety of events were scheduled to ensure that everyone had a fun time on this spooky day. One particular example would be the Leonardslee Gardens, who hosted a pumpkin trail involving a story of a wicked witch who tries to stop them. Another example being the Springboard maze, the prize of the fortunate winner being awarded a sweet treat as a prize. these two are just one of the many examples of the Halloween craze that has swept over Horsham.

However, the fun didn't just stop there, with different bars and pubs opening their doors for trick-or-treaters who are eager to join in. This family event truly showed how much fun the holiday can be for little ones who want to fill their baskets, or those who want to have a drink and celebrate the day.

The day was not limited to Horsham, and it seemed that Christs Hospital School has been caught up in the Halloween craze. They have decided to participate in the day by hosting it annual pumpkin carving competition. This gives the students at the nearby boarding school a chance to get a jump on the festivities despite being away from home. 'I really hope to continue to win this year and for many years to come. We put a lot of work into our pumpkin again this year, and I hope we can smash it out the park!' An Anonymous student in Thornton B reported (last years winners).

All in all, Halloween is a worldwide tradition with a variety of ways to celebrate it. Whether it is by having an El Día de Muertos  (the Spanish Day of the Dead), or simply going trick or treating, it is always nice to see everyone pulling together to host events and participate in the festivities. I for one am looking forward to whether Thornton B will keep the title of 'best pumpkin carvers', or whether they lose it this year in the fierce, but fun, competition.

Javina Young