I interviewed Ronni Arrowsmith who is a drama student attending Sussex University. He moved from Thanet, Kent to Brighton a year ago and I got the opportunity to ask him a few questions.

So, why did you choose Sussex University?

My main reasons on why I chose Sussex was because I was attracted to the interdisciplinary nature of the courses, all the departments connect. This meant that with my degree, drama, I could still explore other avenues, for example, my elective is in sociology. Another reason is because that I knew that Sussex has a very large LGBTQ+ community so I wanted to feel more connected with my own community. This made the transition from home to university so much easier as I am living in an open and inclusive place.

What would you say are the best things about Brighton for a student after being there for a year?

The best thing about being a student in Brighton is that overall, the city is set up for students the clubs bars and other music venues are all super cheap and welcoming. It gives you a sense of living in a city but not one as busy as London. Another bonus is that you are always close or living by some sort of green open space or the beach, making living in a city more manageable.

What are the differences or similarities between Thanet and Brighton with both being seaside resorts?

The main difference between Thanet and Brighton is that overall, there is a lot more going on, lots of different scenes and people all living together, whereas Thanet is more segregated. For example, Northdown Road (the high street in a town called Cliftonville) has a larger migrant community than Westgate, but in Brighton all the communities live together, not in certain areas. The similarities would be that in one, there is up and coming LGBTQ+ scene in both places but Brighton is more established with its queer spaces, but Thanet is also establishing safe spaces on a smaller scale.

What is your favourite thing about living in the city of Brighton and Hove?

My personal favourite thing about living in Brighton is that every day is never the same. Every time I walk through The Lanes, I'll find a new shop or bar or restaurant which I might not have seen before, which overall makes Brighton a very exciting and new place to live.