[20:42] Naran Mergen


“Ideal beauty is ideal because it does not exist.”

Art galleries can be a place to discover new techniques or learn new things and The Wellcome Collection is a great place to activate your thoughts. For example, their aims are “to challenge how we all think and feel about health”. “Cult of beauty” is an exhibition in The Wellcome Collection (North West London). This new exhibition takes a look at the ideas of beauty and how it explores beauty created by society. They believe beauty is more of an idea rather than a set definition. It is a study on how beauty is created by religion, culture, politics and society across the world at different times.

It is free admission for the public and I greatly recommend seeing it. It has more than 200 pieces of art to study and explore. From makeup, digital videos, sculptures and paintings, it had a vast selection to view. My favourite part was the very end where it has a display of screens showing you how social media shows the audience on how they should look and how global trends can influence viewers. Another enjoyable section was a range of foundation colours showing how diverse the makeup industry is.

It is on from the 26 October 2023 till 28 April 2024 and is strongly recommended to see as they support a charity called Wellcome. This charity helps research which assists with troubled health in everyone.