This school, called Christ's Hospital, is an independent boarding and day school for children aged 11-18 in Horsham, West Sussex. Believe it or not, it is one of the oldest boarding schools still standing today and the very first school to have a uniform in the world. It has been around for hundreds of years, founded in 1552 by King Edward VI. Shockingly, the king was only fourteen years old when he founded the school but passed away a year later.

It began with two schools that merged into one. The schools were originally located in London and Hertford but eventually settled in Horsham. Girls who were attending the school in Hertford later joined the site in Horsham.

Currently, it is a co-educational school run by Simon Reid, with deputy heads Dr. Ruth Brading and Luke Walters. It has 900 pupils in total (830 boarding students and 70 day students - recorded in 2017).

I have interviewed some of the Year 10 students attending this school, and here is what they have said:

What do you love about the school?

"I like how diverse it is across the boarding houses."
"I love the environment and meeting new people. You can learn about new people and cultures, which expands your world (broadens your horizons if you will)."

Is boarding life hard?

"It can be very hectic at times, but overall it is an enjoyable experience. This may not be the case for everyone."
"Boarding life is hard to adapt to and can truthfully be overwhelming, but once you adjust, it's a steadying routine that keeps you grounded."

What is the typical day in boarding school?

"We have school from 8:30 - 3:35 followed by sports or extracurricular activities."
"A typical day is filled with education followed by a chosen club, which may be from music to sport to something more relaxed like art."