Christ’s Hospital recently had their annual ‘House singing competition’,  where each of the 4 boys and girls houses choose a song, they perform in front of the school, for the chance to place top 3 at the end of the night, for the Grecians (year 13) east and west side battle for a chance to win and show the whole school that east/west side is ‘the best at house singing’.

Every house spends lots of time perfecting their look as that is what determines getting into the top three, which is separated into categories, boys', and girls' houses.  The top three boys’ houses were Peele A, Middleton A and Maine A, respectively. Maine A started house singing with a thrilling performance of ‘Let’s Groove’ by ‘Earth, Wind & Fire,’ their smiles shining despite being soaked from the rain outside beforehand, making a tough debut for the other boys' houses to live up to. However, after the half time, Middleton A came back strong with the song ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ by ‘Oasis.’ Their performance remained upbeat from the beginning; it was quite clear the boys were having fun, even coming off from the platforms to dance, shocking the audience with their impeccable moves – making the judge’s job harder. Finally, Peele A were the last boys’ house to go, finishing with an impressive rendition of ‘Treasure’ by ‘Bruno Mars’ their lovely smiles and actions, excellent diction and wonderful solo at the end granted them first place. The judge, Charlotte Corderoy - a conductor and musical director who is currently working at Glyndebourne and teaches at the Royal Academy of Music, noted how pleasing it was to see such lovely smiles and to hear every single boy’s house sing with passion

The top three girls' houses were Leigh Hunt A, Leigh Hunt B and Barnes A. Leigh Hunt A were the first girls house up onstage singing ‘Out of My League’ by ‘Fitz and the Tantrums’, amazing the audience with diction and their overwhelming energy – their smiles shone, the highlight of their performance was three pupils coming out onto the stage with an original choreographed dance, though, their well thought out and meticulously arranged movements created a captivating show to watch – winning them the right to first place! Next, Leigh Hunt B preformed a mash of ‘I want you back’ and ‘ABC’ by ‘The Jackson 5’, they started the performance with sharp actions, astonishing the audience, their harmonies throughout their piece was excellent, the diction being another positive, they were a difficult house to beat, leaving them second overall. Finally, Barnes A preformed ‘American Boy’ by ‘Estelle’, their performance started excitingly, their actions being precise, though, the judge noted how good the diction of this house was, considering the rap parts were quite fast – their show landed third place!

The Grecians went head-to-head, East VS West, East preforming a ‘Boy/Girl band Medley’ and West with an ‘RnB mashup’, both sides competed well, bringing props to perform with and little skits to do onstage, their smiles were the pinnacle of fun throughout the event and it was clear to the audience and judge that although they cared about winning, they also had the most fun they could in their last house singing. The judge said it was the ‘toughest decision of the night,’ though, she decide d to give Grecians East the win, letting the whole of East side rejoice for their seniors!