On the 17th of October, The Gatwick School's Performing Arts Department put together a Black History Month Concert, in which students came together and performed various talents that had relevance to Black History Month. It was described by headteacher David Marillat as a “celebration of culture including original poetry, famous poetry, drama and singing”. Over the whole month of October, the School has continued to encourage pupils to honour Black History Month and celebrate the wide variety of cultures within the school. 

Using things such as Assemblies (where pupils participated), PSHE (personal, social, health and economic) lessons, external speakers and, of course, its Black History Month Concert, the school has educated students and created an atmosphere of acceptance that will live on throughout the school.

Over the years, TGS has had a reputation for being a diverse and inclusive institution. For three years now, the school has celebrated culture day (where people come in cultural dress). But regardless of the formalities and events, the school is known for its small, family-like atmosphere and its diverse nature. Just looking into a crowd of pupils, you can see the variety of culture and a sense of pride they all have in one and other. Mr Marillat says he wants, not just to educate through assemblies and special events, but for Black History Month to be “built into every lesson”, so its legacy does not end on the 31st of October! Although the school is currently succeeding in the field of diversity and acceptance, he also explains that this Black History Month is “just the start” and that he plans on growing the celebration every year- which can only be good for the school!

In conclusion, more schools like The Gatwick School are needed in our society: schools that have passionate and high-aiming head teachers and staff, dedicated to educating the new generation.