I’d heard about a fun and interactive event taking place Friday at the Bewbush community centre. An enjoyable way to have fun with friends and family, a roller disco! So I went in person to experience it for myself. After this, I wanted to know more about how the disco had started and how it was doing so I interviewed the owner, Amanda Hunt, who has given consent for her name and interview to be used in this article. 


During the roller disco, a range of events happen in the centre of the hall, such as limbo or dance activities. Those who aren’t interested in these can skate around on the exterior. Skate guards also move around making sure that everyone can participate and helping anyone who needs it. Whilst the activities are happening, and the skaters are going around, music is played and there’s a joyful atmosphere filling the room with energy. Everyone who I talked to expressed how much they enjoyed it and that it was worth it. A lot of people also appreciated the option to rent a pair of skates for the night and said that they felt it made it a lot more doable.


Amanda Hunt became the owner of the disco in 2012, she took over from the previous owner after being a skate guard herself. When I asked her how she felt about it she said “I always loved skating, always loved music and it’s lovely to see everyone enjoying it!” She's very passionate about both skating and the enjoyment of clients. 


Overall, many people enjoy this event and feel it’s a fun experience to have with friends and family.