Samantha Jane Aesthetics is a small business located in Crawley, it offers a variety of services such as Botox and Fillers. The business is run by Samantha Kennard, who has 20 years of nursing experience. Her business officially opened for clients on September 1st 2023 and has an interesting backstory. She has done an interview for this article and consented to be published.


Samantha Kennard said the way she got her idea for her business was when she “Started with wanting a new career that used my nursing job”. Mrs. Kennard wanted to use her previous experience whilst starting something different that she was still passionate and enthusiastic about. She started her training and preparation during June 2023 before proudly opening Samantha Jane Aesthetics on the first of September. 


When asked about some of the difficulties in starting a business she said that she found the marketing side of things challenging, such as starting social media accounts to promote her business and building a client base. Funding and finding the right courses were also difficult. 


Another question that she was asked was: If you could do things again, what would you do differently? To this she responded that she might have taken different courses, and she also feels that “It might've been better to have the premises and start straight away when I had the courses and get the clients straight away rather than waiting”.  And her words of advice for anyone who considers starting their own business would be “Look at the market and the skills you already got rather than trying to gaining new ones very quickly”. 


And finally, how the business is going. She stated that “ I feel that its building slowly which is good,  growing gradually, building slowly which is good.” She feels content with the way her business is growing and is passionate about what she’s doing. Overall, she enjoys it and is proud of her business.