On October 31st, students from four schools (including The Gatwick School) attended the opening of Gatwick Airport’s new STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) Centre for free! The event lasted from 9:30 am and finished around 12:30 pm. During this time, students explored career opportunities in the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths and partook in subject-relevant activities. 

Simon Holt (HLTA of Science/Maths at TGS) was responsible for students throughout the trip. During an interview, he said ‘I enjoyed seeing the students grow as they explored learning’. The students selected were from year 7-10 meaning a wide range of ages were present. Simon Holt said that he ‘Selected the students that would benefit the most,’ and that all students had given ‘positive feedback’. He also believes that this trip was beneficial, as STEM skills are incredibly transferable. For example, the students participated in a bridge-building activity, and tested the strength of their bridges; this task teaches students perseverance and problem solving skills, whilst giving them a sense of achievement.

During this trip, students heard speeches informing them of the work put into the centre. They also heard from engineering apprentices at Gatwick Airport, which was encouraging to those looking to work in STEM in the future. Students worked closely with STEM experts, who helped and encouraged them in their given activities.

In conclusion, the new STEM building at Gatwick is an amazing way to show students the extensive opportunities in the STEM field and  encourage those put off by the idea of University. It offers life skills and educational opportunities.