The streets which make the council the most money from parking permits have been unveiled.

Following a Freedom of Information (FOI) request submitted by The ArgusBrighton and Hove City Council has revealed the top ten streets in the city.

Ditchling Road, one of the longest roads in Brighton, made the council the most money from permits, with more than £40,000 coming in from residents’ and visitors’ permits.

The ten streets bringing the most revenue from residents’ parking permits are:

  1. Ditchling Road - £31,504.90        
  2. Kingsway - £29,362.75   
  3. Lansdowne Place - £27,969.00   
  4. New Church Road - £21,916.35  
  5. Osborne Road - £24,323.75        
  6. Portland Road - £20,674.05        
  7. Queens Park Road - £19,652.05 
  8. Sackville Road - £16,967.25
  9. Springfield Road - £22,043.85    
  10. The Drive - £23,359.90  

The data, from an FOI request submitted in October, is only from January 1 to July 26, “due to a change in IT system”, the council’s FOI team said.

The ten streets bringing in the most revenue from visitors’ parking permits are:

  1. Brunswick Square - £13,504.40
  2. Ditchling Road - £8,952.20
  3. Holland Road - £7,475.60
  4. Kingsway - £7,792.40
  5. Lansdowne Place - £10,167.50
  6. Marine Parade  £8,694.40
  7. Queens Park Road - £6,327.30
  8. Springfield Road - £6,536.00
  9. The Drive - £6,304.20
  10. Wilbury Road - £6,627.20

Councillor Trevor Muten, chairman of the transport and sustainability committee, said: “Most of the money we receive in parking fees and charges pays for the cost of parking enforcement.

“This is vital to keeping traffic flowing round the city and ensuring public safety and access.

“By law, any surplus generated must be spent on provision of public transport services or to road, air quality or environmental improvements.

“Our surplus pays for thousands of concessionary bus passes for older and disabled people.

 “It also supports bus routes that would otherwise not be commercially viable, and is used for transport schemes that promote safe, active and sustainable travel.

“A wider review of how the city charges for parking is currently taking place.

“The initial results of which are due to be presented to our transport and sustainability committee in December.”