Today marks a week since the Bat and Ball’s phenomenal fireworks, drawing huge crowds to the local pub despite the determined dreary weather. Nevertheless, last Monday, according to one employee, “about a thousand [people] came in over the course of the evening” to enjoy the spectacle. 


The Bat and Ball itself is a well-known local pub, infamous for its delicious food, whilst boasting of a peaceful and intimate atmosphere. They run many events to appeal to the local community such as various themed trivia nights for everyone’s interests, some craft fairs in the lead-up to Christmas and of course the Bonfire Night, which was celebrated on Monday the 6th of November at the Bat and Ball. 


After the antics of the weekend, many local families and friends gathered from the various small villages dotted around that part of West Sussex to celebrate the local pub, delight in good food, and savour delectable drinks, all whilst marvelling at the impressive spectacle of the bonfire and fireworks.


The fireworks and bonfire themselves were, needless to say, stunning. Another employee, who was working on the chip stall, commented “they [the fireworks] were awesome… it was great fun… Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves” and added that despite the experience being “a bit stressful at times when it got busy… [she] loved the atmosphere as everyone was happy”. Naturally, this highlights the importance of these sorts of events that the pub runs: they bring the community together, support local businesses and provide a special memory for all.

As well as this, the first employee remarked “the fireworks were very pretty and the bonfire was huge.”. The success and enjoyment of this local bonfire and fireworks display argues the idea that rural and local doesn’t necessarily take away any qualities, instead, perhaps, it enriches the experience - being so close to home, with people you recognise and know, in a pub that you enjoy and love.


Remarkably, the event will be able to remain free if the Bat and Ball can raise enough money through voluntary donations. You can support our local pub to allow them to continue to host such exciting events through a donation at As the costs for the provision and the general running of the event rise, I am sure the managers would appreciate any and all donations, where possible.


I, like many of you I am sure, am keen to see this amazing event return next year, perhaps bigger than ever before!